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Middlebrook — Agrihood

IOWA’s FIRST AGRIHOOD An agrihood is a single-family, multi-family, or mixed-use community centered around working farms. Instead of housing developments pushing agriculture further away from population centers, agrihoods enable development to preserve land for farming, invest in critical farm infrastructure, and subsidize a portion of the cost to operate a diversified community farm. In essence, agrihoods help curb the effects of urban sprawl.

At Ground Breaker Homes, we see the potential in agrihoods and are proud to be involved in creating the first one in Iowa. Located near Cumming, the Middlebrook agrihood development aims to make it easy for people to foster a deeper connection to the land, improve their health, and strengthen relationships with their neighbors. GBH believes agrihoods are a tool for building community, nourishing people with healthy food, and teaching people about agriculture.

Dozens of new agrihoods are sprouting up every year across the country, creating a growing demand for people seeking to live in communities focused on healthy sustainable living. GBH has joined Diligent Development in helping create an environment that honors the agricultural legacy of the state and region.

A place of special moments, Middlebrook uses its enviable position in the region only twenty minutes away from downtown Des Moines, and anchors the southwest corner of the metro. Located in the suburb of Cumming, this small town offers a quiet retreat for active professionals and families after the hustle and bustle of the day.

By building off of the foundation of this agricultural community, Middlebrook envisions new neighborhoods with architecturally unique single-family homes, suburban townhomes, and a town center that brings vibrancy and livelihood to the community. A place where families can be raised, memories created, and dreams achieved. It’s Middlebrook, in sustainable harmony.

In Great Western Crossing, a neighborhood of Middlebrook, work is already underway on Plats 2 and 3! This bike-friendly neighborhood located on the north side of Middlebrook will incorporate the new agricultural community concept, unique design and character, and includes access to the Great Western Bike Trail.

Click here for more information on building in Great Western Crossing.

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